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Million Little's Art Exchange Program




Million Little strongly believes in the power of creativity to make connections, something needed more than ever in a socially distanced world. We are harnessing this potential by bringing together our students, unique young artists, writers and creators, with community members and local artists to exchange creativity. Participants in this program have the opportunity to inspire one another by sharing their creative expressions and welcoming others to reimagine their work. It is a multidisciplinary approach allowing, for example, a young poet to inspire a filmmaker or a young painter to inspire a dancer. 

We are looking for both well-seasoned and emerging artists from all disciplines for this program: photographers, writers, musicians, cartoonists, all are welcome!. If you are interested in applying, please send us a short bio and samples of your work to (Submissions are considered on a Rolling-Basis).

A transformative effect occurs when one feels truly seen and heard. We aim to facilitate these moments by showing just how powerful collaborative self-expression can be.

Artist Testimonials

“Thank you Looking Within (pen name), for sharing this beautiful piece with me. Your words are powerful and insightful, and they were an endless source of inspiration and collaboration. I’m so grateful I was able to (indirectly) make something together with you.” - Ash Kron, filmmaker who created a video project centered on a poem by “Looking Within” (pen name).

“I’m so glad (Youth Participant) loved his portrait , it makes my heart happy!”- Zoe Schwartz, painter currently collaborating with our youth on a series of portraits.