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Creative Resources & Support




As we adjust to uncertain times, we truly see the importance of the arts to help us maintain our health and happiness. Our collective creativity and compassion are a beacon of strength for us all. Currently all Million Little programs are on hiatus, but we are staying open to serve as an online hub for inspiration, tips and resources, and self-expression. We are in this together, and still have many ways to stay connected and support one another remotely.

Million Little is going live! From sewing to doodling and collaging, we are excited to share activities you can do from home, and hold a space for you to share your own visual art, singing, dancing, and more. Stay tuned on our Instagram @millionlittle to join. Is there an activity you want to suggest? DM us!

If you need someone to talk to, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance can link you with people who get it in their free online support groups. All groups are offered on a daily basis, both morning and light, and serve as a space for those struggling and/or their family and friends to share what they’re going through.

You can also reach out to The Relational Center, offering free groups via zoom to quell the anxiety that many of us are experiencing right now. They write, “Even when we have very good reasons to be afraid, we are capable of so much more than fear and panic. Human caring and compassion can also go viral.” If you need support, or have some strength to share, consider these or other online groups.

Million Little also encourages you to try “mindfulness”, a practice that allows us to process our emotions through the act of being present. In this Vox article, meditation teacher Tara Brach shares tips to focus our energy on healing ourselves and supporting others.

She explains, “The single most important thing that can happen right now in this pandemic is that we feel our collectivity — that we’re really here to help each other move through this. And the truth is each one of us can help. We have a real gift to offer each other just by who we are and how we come forward. If we can find an inner refuge of calm, our calm is contagious.”

To experience her practice of RAIN, or “Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture”, click here

If you’re worried about whether it’s safe to get some fresh air, the New York Times lays out the opinions of experts and officials who encourage people to spend time outdoors with the proper precautions.

John Hopkins medical researcher Crystal Watson shares, “If you’re not within about six feet of somebody, in almost every case you’re not taking much risk. So I think people should get out in the sunshine. Taking your dog out for a walk, or going to a park and keeping your distance, is safe and necessary. It’s probably going to be a beautiful spring and we do need to save our own sanity.” – New York Times, “Is It Ok to Take a Walk?”

After walking her dog, one Los Angeles resident shared with us, “In the vast expanse, the solitude was comforting. I had been getting really depressed staying inside, but found gratitude in nature.”

For those settled indoors, there are still ways to exercise thanks to the many people sharing their time and knowledge. Yoga With Adriene  provides over 500 amazing videos that address topics like stress, grief, and self-love. She also has multiple 30-day series, designed to help you build upon new skills and create a habit out of movement.

We also love The Mob HQ dance studio for their Instagram livestream dance classes in hip hop, jazz/funk, and whacking. Curious about that last one? Whacking is a form of dance created by the Los Angeles LGBT community in the 1970s. It is characterized by its strong arm movements that represent marginalized people declaring their power and whacking back at oppression. To see it in full swing, check out this video of Lorena Valenzuela at the World of Dance.

Take care of yourself out there, and please stay in touch. We are here to support you in whatever way we can.