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Why We Are Here

What We Do
Our Story

Our Beliefs

Million Little believes that having someone in your life who truly sees you for who you are can change the trajectory of your life and becomes a powerful antidote to self-doubt and suffering. And we want to be that someone for our youth.

We see every individual as a strong, competent and powerful being. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, we trust in people, their potential and the process.

Children & Youth

We custom-design our programs based on the needs of participants. We use art that empowers, art that aids with social and emotional expressions, art that heals and allows our youth to see their lives in a positive light.

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Professional Development

We provide workshops and trainings that build strategies for adults to use when working with children who have experienced trauma. Our workshops and trainings also enhance their professional and personal growth.

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We go to a various communities to provide classes, creative events and workshops for youth and families to create a sense of connection and support within their natural environments.

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The Need

Fernandes-Alcantara (2018)1 states that for vulnerable or at-risk youth populations, detachment from school or general disconnectedness may be the single strongest indicator of whether or not they transition into a productive and successful adulthood. Without addressing the disconnectedness these youth feel at their schools and in their community, they are prone to outcomes that have negative consequences. These may include teenage parenthood, homelessness, drug abuse, incarceration, physical and sexual abuse or dropping out of school.

In order to bridge the disconnect for these youth they need to be intrinsically motivated and given the skills to engage in a personally meaningful way with others. Amabile (1996)2 suggests that intrinsic motivation built upon one’s interest and sense of ownership leads to more engagement and connection.

What we do at Million Little is to bridge the disconnect by honoring the interests and voices of our youth as a starting point of their healing, so that a sense of belonging and meaning can occur. Million Little’s program strives to bring back those who have been left behind, to enrich and empower all in ways that bring back joy to school and community through CREATIVITY.

1 Fernandes-Alcantara, A.L. (2018). Vulnerable Youth: Background and Policies. Congressional Research Service Report.

2 Amabile, T. (1996). Creativity in context: Update to “The Social Psychology of Creativity.” Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Million Little is here to say . . . we hear you, we see you, and we are here for you.

Stories from the Field

These are stories from our programs. This is our ways to document, observe, and understand the children’s creative expressions and exploration. To read more about our stories from the field go to our Stories page.