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Art by Yayoi Kusama

“The disdain I receive from being overweight. It makes me sad, but I want to help.”

i am aware that i am fat

thank you for your observation

you are not the first person to say that

now, here is some more affirmation

the first time my heart broke

was because of a boy i hate

he told me that i should do coke

to get rid of this weight; the tears dried my eyes shut

i promised myself i would make a change

yet, there was a shortcut

and it may have been a little strange

so, i skipped meals every night

to see if a single pound would shed

my pants stopped being tight

and i developed an eating disorder instead

people fear what they don’t understand

and being overweight is among them

yet, i have the upper hand

because i do not baselessly condemn

i would never tell you that your nose is long

or that you have a weird name

i know right from wrong

can you say the same?

to the people out there,

who cry at the thought of being fat:

don’t ever fall into the pit of helpless despair

you are worth so much more than that.

Submitted through a partnership with a local high school's Literary Magazine (Lit Mag).

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