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Art by Jasmine Farrow

[...] I’m 13 years old and live in the Isle of Man ( its in between Ireland and the U.K and when I was 10 my stepdad was an alcoholic and when he got drunk he  would always shout at me for no reason and tell me I’m going to end up in prison. He also did it to my big sister and then hit her once all that happened till she moved out everything was ok for a while then a couple of months later he started with me he would only shout at me he never hit me because he knew I would hit him back. I put up with that for 3 years until my mum kicked him out back in November 2018. That has affected me soo much I haven’t been to school for months and it’s given me really bad anxiety. But now after the help form Jake Paul and team 10 I’m motivated to become the next big thing on YouTube. I will always be the bigger person.

I hope this is ok it was kind of hard to talk about because I’ve never told many people about this.


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