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Who is Looking Within?

Looking Within is a strong woman that has obstacles at times that knocks her down from her feet. She does not only see bad in others but good also. She loves and cares for a lot of people even though she doesn’t show it at times. I am a woman that loves food and her freedom. But at times I lose it being bored. I am Looking Within.

What are your strengths?

My strengths are math, I am really good at it that it always just came to me like nothing. It runs in my family, I guess. And I am a real fast runner and I could go for a longass time as well.

What quality holds you back the most?

The things that hold me back the most are my pride and my drinking but those are the things I can’t lose in me. Drinking is because it’s been there from the jump of everything and helps me cope. My pride because without it I am like a weak person that hated myself, you know. 

What is the history of your relationship with alcohol?

My history with alcohol, well it all started back when I was 12 and I was on the run. I was going through a lot and had money only for food so I could not buy weed. When I found out that you could steal alcohol, that’s what I was doing and I fell in love with the feeling. So I could not stop. It also was there for me in the good and in the bad. When I had no one, it was there to be like everything is gonna be alright. So yeah, I guess that’s why I love it. And when I say love it, I mean I love drinking so much. 

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