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Stories from the Field
Stories from the Field

Wisdom Comes From Experience


We have been inspired by Isaac’s spirit ever since first meeting him in our Transitional Age Youth program. He is a vivacious young man whose energetic presence goes hand in hand with his zeal for helping others. We are honored to have him as one of our initial “Creative Leaders”, youth in our new Creative Leadership  Program. Participants design and implement multimedia projects such as collaborative poetry, virtual peer support, and digital storytelling.

One of Isaac’s current projects is the “Million Little Voices” IGTV web show. He is using digital broadcasting to share lessons he’s learned through a motivational lens. His perspective is fresh, sharp, and necessary. Because everything that he shares comes from experience. And if he’s been able to do it, you realize that you can too. Whether you’re struggling to find your worth, bored in the house, or holding in your mental health struggles, you’ll realize that you are not alone.

In his most recent video, Isaac shared, “I truly believe that wisdom comes from experience. A person that goes through something and prevails has an understanding of what it means to be in that situation. And they’ll be able to go to someone going through it or something similar.” You can see this principle at play through his own empathetic and supportive nature. He has dealt with loneliness, depression, lack of support and more. But these experiences have just motivated him to uplift others. When you watch his videos, you’ll not only feel that support, you’ll realize that everything that you have been through can also be a force for good.