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Stories from the Field
Stories from the Field

The Pursuit of Happiness


The road to happiness can be a very fickle one. It's safe to say that one person’s definition of "happy" can be drastically different and vary greatly from another’s. Today we're highlighting an 18-year-old teen girl's journey, in her pursuit of happiness.

With the help of Million Little and the programs we provide at the juvenile detention camp, this young resilient incarcerated teen is building confidence, overcoming her fears, and slowly allowing light and joy to shine through in her life.

In her painting, to which she's titled "The Pursuit of Happiness", she uses very specific colors to describe her beautifully complex artistic expression of emotions.

Showing Black to represent her "Cold Heart",

Pink & White to represent the "happiness trying to come out”,

The Waves as an expression of her “Fears",

And the specks of Blue to represent her "Confidence".

In spite of her initial negative self-depiction, this young girl began to see herself in a new positive light and truly means it when she said ...

"I'm Special."