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Stories from the Field
Stories from the Field

Living in the Grey


Everything isn't always black and white... right or wrong...good or bad.

There are a lot of messy, layered, complex, misunderstood grey areas when it comes to many of life's situations. In a lot of ways, many of us are "living in the grey"... teetering on the balance beam of our lives... doing the best we can... striving to be the better version of ourselves. We stumble, but stumbling is necessary. It helps us find that balance. People in our lives might choose to remind us of past mistakes and focus on our missteps... But we are not our mistakes and they do not define who we are.

And it's ok to live in the grey... we just can't forget to keep reaching for the light.

by 15-year-old girl from our Creative Mindfulness Program inside the juvenile detention camp
“I was so used to my family telling me I am a mess up. I was always on the grey. But I’m still trying to wait for the hope before the darkness takes over me…”