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1. Intervention Programs

Our intervention programs are custom-designed and implemented based on the individual needs and unique culture of individuals and/or communities. We use creative and experiential processes to engage participants and foster opportunities for emotional expression, deep reflection, compassion and healing; and all which help develop executive functioning and self-regulation skills. Each program requires a minimum commitment of 6 sessions at 1.5-to-2.0 hours per session.

  • This program facilitates individuals to find a sense of safety, hope and empowerment through the process of creative expression. Participants are encouraged to express themselves in an open-ended forum through process-based art, including but not limited to creating, writing, storytelling, movement/dance, music, etc. They experiment with open-ended materials such as clay, paints, recyclables, and other natural elements, as well as digital tools such as cameras, animation programs, digital arts, etc. The creative process is an organic and fluid experience; therefore, each program will look different based on each group culture and dynamic. This program is offered in collaboration with community organizations and agencies working with vulnerable and at risk children ages 4-17.
  • This program introduces mindfulness as a tool to pause and notice our bodies, hearts and minds. Mindfulness allows us to bring our awareness to the present moment without criticism or judgment. The program is offered to at risk children and people of all ages who feel hurt, depressed, angry, scared, sad and/or different. Mindfulness and creative experiences can help participants to develop resiliency, strategies for self-regulation and cultivate opportunities to heal, empower and transform their lives and the world around them.

    The first 15 minutes of each session will be dedicated to the practice of mindfulness using various methods such as breathing techniques, meditation and/or mindful sharing. Then, the participants will engage in the creative process using open-ended art materials of their choice to continue to explore and express themselves. The session will end with another short practice of mindfulness.

  • This retreat is designed to offer teachers, caregivers and people who are involved in children’s lives in any capacity the opportunity for self-care and deep reflection. We will give participants the opportunity to engage in creative expression, listen to their heart and, most importantly, care for themselves with kindness and compassion. This retreat is offered as a customized onsite professional development program/retreat for your school or organization.


2. Education & Training Services

We provide educational programs and training services to teachers, parents and community organizations. Through these trainings, we provide ongoing support to Million Little’s communities and enable them to continue to heal and empower their lives.

  • We offer mentoring programs to schools, families and community organizations. We share strategies that schools, families and communities can use to foster resiliency, compassion, executive functioning and self-regulation skills in children using the tools of creative observation and mindfulness. Mentoring hours can be scheduled anywhere from 4-to-24 hours (averaging 2 hours per meeting) at a time based on individual needs. We custom design and collaborate with individuals to develop innovative strategies to serve their specific needs and challenges.
  • We utilize research findings to offer workshops for teachers, parents, and other community members to share the process of creative expression and its potential to improve and enrich the lives of our children and community. These workshops range from 1.5 – 3 hours and are offered throughout the year at various community centers and schools.
  • Interns and volunteers are valuable team members of Million Little. In their orientation and training interns and volunteers will engage in an experiential process to understand the culture and process of Million Little. They will go through 15 hours of training before working with any children and trainings will be ongoing throughout their internship or volunteering period. With experiences gained at Million Little we hope that our interns and volunteers will continue to heal and empower people even after they leave Million Little in order to create authentic social change.


Financial Support

We offer financial support to those who need it. In such cases, our program fees are offered based on a sliding scale. If you would like to apply for financial support, or are interested in any of the programs, please contact us at